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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you find us?

Our head office is located on: Ground floor, Bank of Agriculture plaza, Central Business District Abuja.

Our Call center: Area 8, Ilorin street, Garki- Abuja.

We also have zonal offices located in the six (6) Area Councils of the FCT:

Abaji Zonal Office- Abagi Area Council Secretariat

AMAC Zonal Office- AMAC secretariat

Bwari Zonal Office- Bwari Area Council secretariat

Gwagwalada Zonal Office- Gwagwalada Area Council secretariat

Kuje Zonal Office- Kuje Area Council secretariat

Kwali Zonal Office- Kwali Area Council secretariat

What do i need to register as a HMO?
  1. Application for registration as HMO
  2. Company profile containing;
  • Evidence registration with CAC
  • Evidence of registration with PENCOM
  • Tax clearance certificate
  • Company Audited Account
  • Accredited by NHIS as National HMO
  • List of key personnel of qualifications.
  • Payment of a non-refundable accreditation fee of N500,000.00 (Five Hundred Thousand Naira) only.



What do i need to register as a HCP?
  1. Application for registration as HCP
  2. Company profile that include;
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Evidence of registration with PHERMC for HCPs in FCT and similar regulatory bodies in other states. 
  • Accreditation certificate with NHIS
  • List of Medical personnel with credentials
  • Hospital building plan

Payment of non-refundable accreditation fee of N40, 000 for Primary Healthcare Services or N30, 000 per Secondary service applied for.

What are the Enrollment packages and their Costs?

Formal Sector:

To enroll under the formal sector:

  1. Be a staff of FCTA, Area Council or Organized private sector.
  2. Obtain a form
  3. Fill up your personal details, employment data and dependant’s information.
  4. Submit the form to FHIS.

Informal Sector:

To enroll under the informal sector, you;

  1. Pay N13,500 per person per annum into FHIS account
  2. For a family of six, pay N74,000 per annum (N13,500 for the first four, and N10,000 for the last two children).
  3. Obtain a form and fill for each member of the family
  4. Submit the form to FHIS


Same applies as in Informal sector 

Tertiary Institution:

Membership is for students (full and part-time) of FCT and Private Tertiary Institutions. Tertiary institutions are categorized as Universities, Colleges of Education, Polytechnics, other specialized Colleges of Agriculture and Monotechnics, Schools of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Technology etc.

What is FHIS?

FCT Health Insurance Scheme is a corporate body established under FHIS Act, of 2020, to regulate and provide health insurance to all residents of FCT where health care services are paid for from the common pool of funds contributed by the participants of the Scheme.

FHIS is a Social Health Insurance Scheme that operates on the principle of solidarity, risk sharing and pooling of funds. 

The FCT Health Insurance Scheme seeks to improve health financing mechanism towards achieving universal health coverage. Its goal is to ensure all FCT residents have access to quality and affordable healthcare services and households have financial protection from huge medical bill. 

It is pertinent to state that the FHIS came into existence as a result of an EXCO resolution of 2006 which was headed by the then Minister Mal. Nasir El rufai following the signing into law of the National Health Act 2004.

What more you need to know?

1 How many members of my family are covered in the Scheme?

You (principal enrollee), a Spouse and four biological Children within the age of 0 -25 yrs.

2. How do I register additional family members?

Pay additional premium into FHIS account for them to be registered.

3. How do I register myself and my family members in the scheme?

Obtain form from your desk officer or FHIS office. Fill the form attach a passport photograph of your family members whose names appear on the form and duly signed by your head of SDA and submit to FHIS.

4. What if I don’t work with government or company?

You will be registered as an individual after the payment of premium into FHIS account.

5. How long do I wait before accessing care at my hospital of choice? (Waiting period)

Maximum of three (3) months.

6. Who do I complain to if I’m not satisfied with the services of my Health Care Provider?

Complain to your HMO and FHIS.

7. How do I know my HMO?

Your HMO is assigned to you by FHIS and the HMO’s name and code is at the back of your FHIS card for identification.

8. Can I change my HMO?

No, you cannot because your SDA is allocated to the HMO’s and not individual.

9. Can I change my Health Care Provider?

Yes, you can change after six (6) months of accessing the initial one.

10. How often do I change my HCP?

You can change in not less than 6 months of accessing health at any HCP.

11. Can I add two spouses?

A principal enrollee is entitled to a spouse but additional premium is paid to register the second spouse.

12. How can I replace my dependant?

You can replace dependants either due to any of these reasons:-

  • Overage
  • Not living with you
  • In case of death
  • In case of divorce (spouse).
13. How can I replace my lost FHIS card?

You can replace your lost FHIS cards by doing the following:-

  • Come with a police report to FHIS
  • Write to Director FHIS for replacement of lost FHIS card.
  • Obtain FHIS form and fill.
  • Pay a token of N500 into FHIS account.
  • New card is printed for you.
14. How much do I pay to change my Health care provider?

You don’t have to pay any amount to change your HCP.

15. My family are not living with me in Abuja. Can I choose a Hospital outside FCT?

Yes . You can choose a Hospital outside FCT because our HMO’s are national but inform FHIS who directs you on what to do.

16. Can I choose a HCP close to my house?

Yes, but make sure it has the basic facilities to take care of Primary Health Care Services.

17. If I’m in another state outside FCT and have an emergency sickness or accident, can I go to any Hospital around?

Yes, you can but the HMO has to be informed by you or the HCP within 48hrs of admission.

18. Is it possible to register now and go to the Hospital tomorrow?

You cannot because your name and that of your dependents has to be sent to your HCP with your capitation before you can access care.

19. If I and my husband are working in FCT, can both of us register?

You can register because deduction is from both salaries. Register and include other dependants that cannot be accommodated by your spouse and chose different hospitals.

20. My husband has captured me under NHIS, do I have to register under FHIS?

You can register but choose different hospitals.

21. Can FHIS refund my deductions since I have not been to hospital in the last 2yrs?

Because Health Insurance involves pooling of funds and sharing the risk.

22. Whom do I call at the time of any emergency hospitalization?

Call your HMO or FHIS.

23. How do I get reimbursed for claims incurred in an emergency situation outside FCT?

Write a letter to your HMO through FHIS for possible consideration and attach your receipts.

24. How much do I pay to register as an individual?

Pay ₦13,500 per enrollee for a year.

25. How much do I pay to register my family of six?

– ₦74,000

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Welcome to FHIS

FCT Health Insurance Scheme is a corporate body established under FHIS Act, of 2020, to regulate and provide health insurance to all residents of FCT where health care services are paid for from the common pool of funds contributed by the participants of the Scheme.

Head Office:

Ground floor, Bank of Agriculture plaza, Central Business District Abuja.


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