After three years of continuous hard work and collaboration, the Federal Capital Territory Health Insurance Scheme (FHIS) has come up with working documents as part of its effort to give its enrollees and all FCT residents good and quality health care.

Speaking at the event in Abuja, the Director of FHIS Dr Ahmed Danfulani said that the documents contain its relationship with Health Maintenance Organisations (HMOs), enrollees and others.

Danfulani said that the document is borne out of the need to address complaints from enrollees

He said, “The document will serve as a reference point for all healthcare providers. The rules and regulations of the agency will be made available in the document.

“The benefit package: our enrollees will go to the hospital and they will be told that this service is not covered, that service is not covered. But today, the benefit of the Healthcare Insurance Scheme is being made available to the public.”

He urged every resident of the FCT regardless of social or financial status to feel free and take advantage of the scheme, adding that the basic healthcare provision made available by the Federal Government is made available so people can access funds.

Meanwhile, the Permanent Secretary of Federal Capital Territory Administration, Mr Olusade Adesola in his speech, said that the unveiling of FCT Health Insurance Scheme Working Documents, is undoubtedly another giant stride by the FCT Administration as it concerns the health of FCT residents.

“In view of the importance of affordable and accessible healthcare delivery, the FCT Administration has set in motion a process that will give the Scheme a legal framework that would make the Scheme more inclusive in its coverage, widen its scope of operations to capture the poor, vulnerable and the people of determination, etc. These categories of beneficiaries will also gain from the Basic Health Care Provision Fund (BHCPF) that incorporates free insurance cover for them.

“It is important to bring to your notice that the BHCPF is a Federal Government Health Initiative which the FCT Administration has keyed into and met all the requirements for fund disbursement. Already, over 9,000 poor and vulnerable in the FCT are currently enrolled on this programme.”

Adesola urged the operators of the scheme to find ways of capturing terminal diseases and ailments, such as cancer, liver related problems, sickle cell and other life-threatening illnesses.

He therefore commended the FCT Health Insurance Scheme for coming up with such a laudable initiative which is aimed at improving the operational strategies of the Agency.

The unveiled working documents are: Standard Treatment Guidelines; Operational Guidelines; Benefit Packages, and three other documents which he said, “we believe will go a long way to enhance the effectiveness of the FCT Health Insurance Scheme for the benefit of FCT residents and the nation at large.”